Environmental Ambition

We continue to become as eco-friendly as possible:

  • All appropriate office materials are recycled and we have refined our processes to strive towards a paperless future, reducing our paper usage by approximately 30% in 2023.


  • When applicable we use recycled materials, from certified suppliers.


  • From 2024, concrete we use will have a more environmentally friendly composition and will be produced with less carbon emissions… More to come on this.


  • We encourage efficient planning regarding use of plant to reduce fuel use and carbon emissions. In addition, we use bio fuels when operating near watercourses to ensure the water isn’t contaminated.


  • We have inspections of our sites to section off wildlife habitats, protected greenery and watercourses. As seen on the picture adjacent, taken on our site in Wrenbury.


  • We obtain certified licenses and tickets for muck and waste taken off site for assurance of proper disposal.


We regularly review how we can be more environmentally aware and encourage feedback or ideas that we could implement.